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The Sellout manifesto


Stand with the fans

We came together to build Sellout because we realized that there were no other ticketing platforms out there who put fans at the forefront of the ticket buying experience. Being giant fans of live music ourselves, we decided to make a platform that always stick up for the little guys. The people are at the heart of live events. The fans.

Stay independent

The only way to put customers over profits these days is to remain independent from outside financial influences. Sellout has always been independently owned and will remain that way so that we can continue to innovate and create fresh new features and experiences instead of letting balance sheets guide our way.

Be friendly

We're truly on a mission to be the friendliest ticketing platform out there. That's why we leave our chat lines open during business hours, so you can drop us a line. We love meeting new people, talking tickets, live music, and of course, assisting with any technical support you require.

Fight evil

In these trying times, there's no shortage of questionable forces at work that put regular customers at a disadvantage when it comes to buying tickets. Between scalpers, ticketing bots, and big giant corporate entities that rhyme with 'Picketblaster', it can be hard to get your hands on fairly priced tickets to events and artists you love. Sellout was originally conceived as a ticketing platform to eliminate these bad actors from the world. And that goal still drives us forward every day.

Sell out events, not your soul

We don't feel like a corporation because we aren't. Our plan is to grow steadily, stay friendly, provide a superb service to our clients and customers, and always add a sprinkle of our own personal touch to Sellout.

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